Nativ Srl, was born in the heart of Irpinia, in Paternopoli, by the will of Dr. Mario Ercolino, internationally renowned oenologist, and Dr. Roberta Pirone, specialized in food science, with the aim of producing Wines of Excellence resulting from an important and deep experience in the field.
Founded in 2008, the company is dedicated to the production of typical wines of the territory, in particular, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, Aglianico and Aglianico of Taurasi.
The vines are grown on soils of property, that are well-known for their particular fertility thanks to their volcanic origin. These precious vineyards spread for about 15 hectares, between Paternopoli and Taurasi.
The name NATIV is therefore born to represent the origin of the Viticulture of Irpina, through an autochthonous production, thus outlining the concept of “original of the place”, which is carried out through the production of wines coming from grapes typical of our territory.
The grapes that are cultivated in these lands have always represented the emblem of the culture of IRPINIA, and the wine produced reflects the true “made in Italy”, better than any other.
Each Nativ wine has a unique and unequivocal character, as it is produced through innovative winemaking methods, in the respect of tradition, always paying attention to keep the organoleptic structure of the grape unaltered. Wines with an unequivocal quality that can satisfy every palate.
Nativ portfolio offers a wide selection of wines, in order to guarantee the consumer a wide choice, counting as many as 13 references. In particular: three Cru wines, intrinsically linked to the terroir; Special wines, aromatic wines, linked to the typical scents of local Irpinia fruit; DOC and DOCG wines, typical of Irpinia, and an IGT line, emblem of Campania.
Nowadays, the increasingly recognizable style and the marked personal imprint, together with a close-knit, competent and motivated staff, allows the company to grow and improve constantly.
Nativ is a solid company with a steady increase in distribution in the European community (Germany, England, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Iceland) and extra-European countries (USA, Canada, China, Russia, Mexico, Japan , Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cyprus).
The engine that drives the company is love and respect for the terroir and the vine, hence the realization of a profession, a way of living and doing business.
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