Located on the slopes of the immaculate hills of Taurasi, in one of the most suitable areas of Irpinia, Nativ winery is located in the heart of Paternopoli.

A land rich in history and tradition. Rumor has it that the territory was first colonized between the 4th and 3rd century B.C. Following the Edict of Constantine, which granted freedom of worship throughout the empire, more and more men began to abandon the wealthy life and the riches of the town, looking for isolated and peaceful places, where they could meditate and pray. Those men were named “Pater”, in the wake of the hermits of the Nile Valley.

The name Paternopoli was therefore coined in honor of the Pater hermits, men of the church dedicated to spreading the word of God in more pristine places. During their pilgrimage, the “fathers” (from the Latin word Pater) founded monasteries of prayer, true places of Christian worship. The hill on which the “Pater” settled, was named “Paternum”.


Born with the desire to spread and enhance the origins of its terroir, Nativ wanted to select a place so rich in history and tradition as Paternopoli as the beating heart of the company, where the winemaking and bottling activities are carried out with care and passion.


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