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The flagship product is the NATIV Cru San Quirico Hermitage, which is produced with Aglianico grapes that grow in a small piece of land, located in the municipality of Taurasi. These centuries-year-old vineyards produce a few high quality grapes. These grapes are harvested by hand and transported in small boxes of 20 kg. They are subject to a light pressing for about 20 days in stainless steel tanks. At the end of fermentation, the wine is separated from grape skins and then age in new French oak barrels of 2.25 Hl for about 18 months.
The wine is so concentrated, with a dense and creamy palate, with hints of ripe red fruits and spices. It goes well with sauces, game and aged cheeses. The “rare 25” is cultivated in thearea that surrounds the town of Tufo and in the municipality of Torrioni. Here Nativ owns 5 hectares of land which is rich in minerals, and particularly of calcium carbonate. The wine refines in stainless steel silos, followed by a brief passage in barrel.
The resulting wine is the outcome of the best selected grapes. Greco di Tufo is fresh, velvety, with mineral notes and hints of peach and hawthorn. It matches well shellfish, mollusks, blue cheeses. Great attention to the two DOCG bells in the white category, Fiano di Avellino dates back to Pliny the Elder. The name “Fiano” comes from the “apian grapes”, that are particularly loved by bees for their sweetness. This wine has a pale yellow color and a characteristic nutty scent of apricot, the palate is soft. It accompanies appetizers and white meat.
Greco di Tufo, is produced from ancient Greek vines called “Aminea Gemina”, originally from Thessaly. It was imported in Campania by the Pelagian people. Being initially cultivated in the province of Naples, it was later introduced in some areas of the province of Avellino, in particular Tufo, whose sulfur-rich soil was particularly suitable for the cultivation of this grape variety.
It is a typical product, with a dry and harmonious taste, and an aroma of peach and almond. Falanghina, in the two variants Falanghina DOC and IGT Falanghina, is a vigorous wine with a long pruning. Depending on the environment in which these vines grow, they can acquire high levels of sugar and medium to high levels of quality. Falanghina DOC and IGT are balanced and harmonious, fresh and fruity, with floral scents.
Belonging to the production of red wines, Taurasi DOCG is a valuable wine variety of Southern Italy, which acquires structure and harmony over the years, thanks to the acidity and complexity of the tannins, lingering aroma, with hints of berries and cherries. It is also available in the Reserve version. Irpinia Aglianico Doc, ages in steel with a subsequent passage in French oak barrels for 12 months. It is characterized by an intense ruby color from the varietal notes of black cherry, dry and harmonious flavor. Finally Campania Aglianico IGT, has a ruby color with a fresh, well-balanced aftertaste and pleasant notes of cherry. It matches well the Mediterranean cuisine.
To end, a rosé Aglianico encloses the freshness of the white and the texture of the young red. With a deep pink color, the nose is fruity, the palate is soft. The wine can accompany various dishes as starters, meat and fish.
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