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Rue 333 | Taurasi DOCG | 2017 Rosso

Wine made from aglianico grape, whose aging in oak barrels for two years gives it the specific name of aglianico di Taurasi DOCG, also in honor to the country where this grape variety is cultivated.

Fontana del Sambuco | Fiano Di Avellino DOCG | 2020 Bianco

Old wine, whose first traces date back to pliny the elder. Its name comes from the apian grapes that were characterized by an intense sweetness and were therefore particularly loved by bees.

Vico Storto | Greco di Tufo DOCG | 2020 Bianco

The wine was introduced by the greeks along the tyrrhenian coast. The name comes from characteristic shape of the cluster, whose grapes are grouped in pairs.