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Eremo San Quirico | 2017 Rosso

Important red wine whose vines grow on volcanic soils on the hills of Taurasi. The name of our wine comes from the place where once the horses grazed into the wild, and where the remains of the hermitage of San Quirico.
eremo san quirico gold irpinia campi taurasini vini nativ

Eremo San Quirico Gold | Irpinia Campi Taurasini Doc | 2017 Rosso

Important red wine whose vines grow on volcanic soils on the Taurasi hills. Eremo San Quirico Gold is a selection of the best barriques of Eremo.
blu onice irpinia aglianico doc vino nativ

Blu Onice | Irpinia Aglianico DOC | 2017 Rosso

This wine is called Blu Onice because the vineyard is located on a rocky ground next to an old onyx cave near Gesualdo.
25 rare greco di tufo docg vini nativ

25 Rare | Greco di Tufo DOCG | 2019 Bianco

15.00 12.00
This wine was called 25 rare to recall the 25 steps that connect the old town of Paternopoli to the part that has been completely rebuilt after the earthquake that occurred in 1980.
bicento irpinia campi taurasini doc vino nativ

Bicento | 2017 Rosso

This wine is called Bicento because it was born from 200 year old vines. The name Bicento, in fact, literally means twice 100.