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Velluto Rosso – Beneventano Aglianico IGT/IGP | 2019

The name “red velvet” was chosen thinking about the organoleptic characteristics of this wine. Its softness on the palate recalls velvet, a fabric that provokes a sensation of irresistible softness to the touch.  

Centoviti | Campania Rosato IGP | 2020 Rosato

Wine produced from the vinification of aglianic grapes from bicenthen vineyards which are survived on the parxity fillossera who did almost extended the vineyards in the Europe of the years 50.

Rue dell’inchiostro | Campania Aglianico IGT / IGP | 2020 Rosso

  The Greeks introduced this wine along the tyrrhenian coasts when they founded their colonies of (VII-VI ac). That could explain the presence of synonyms of hellenic, that changed in aglianico.

Vico Riviera N° 99 | Beneventano Falanghina IGT / IGP | 2020 Bianco

  The name probably derives from the fact that vines it were tied to supporting poles called “falanga” and therefore falanghina which literally means vine s supported by poles.

Rue De Passi | Campania Rosso IGT / IGP | 2020

Rue Dè Passi is a special rosso amabile, fruit of aglianico grapes adjoining the vineyard, harvested lately as these vines are not usually harvested. The name Rue De’ Passi recalls the small street that links the cellar to the vineyard in a few steps.